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Enrollment Guide

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Admission Profile for Autumn 2019
Recruitment matters
1. Recruitment targets:
For the society and overseas, male and female students aged 3 to 18 with good morality, normal intelligence and good health are recruited, with unlimited geographical and household registration.
II. Registration Information:
When new students come to school, they should bring their parents'ID card, a copy of the student's registered permanent residence book or the original to school for photocopying.
3. Registration Time:
Starting from March 29, 2019, the deadline for booking degrees or accepting new students'enrollment is October 28, 2019. If you want to book a degree, you should pay a deposit of 5000 yuan for each student, and then make up the difference when the new student enters the school. Degree deposit is transferred to Xishan School Account in Jiangxi Province.
IV. Class Opening Time:
Freshmen can enroll after enrollment, and formal classes will be held on September 1, 2019. Students enrolled before September 1st will take remedial cultural courses and take free interest group activities training and entrance examination for cultural courses. Students who sign up after the formal opening of classes will be enrolled in class after referring to the results of their original school.
V. Learning Contents:
1. Learning content of cultural courses: kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools implement teaching in accordance with the new curriculum standards issued by the Ministry of Education and the textbooks compiled by the State.
2. Kindergartens begin to learn English and elementary schools begin to learn computers in the third grade.
3. Characteristic course contents: Wushu, football, art, etc.
(1) Wushu: Wushu morality, basic theory of Wushu, boxing, fencing, film and television routines, etc.
(2) Football: football theory, football tactics, putting, stopping, dribbling, shooting and kicking techniques.
(3) Art: music (instrumental music, vocal music, dance, etc.), art (oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, children's painting, etc.), sports, etc.
VI. Fees and Standards(The fees in the table are all RMB units: RMB yuan, one of which is for parents to choose.)

Mode I

Entrance grade

Infants, Primary Schools, Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools

Tuition (annual)

Freshmen pay 29800 yuan in the first year of admission and 28000 yuan in the second year to graduate from high school. Fees are self-supporting.

Mode 2

Entrance grade

Infants, Primary Schools, Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools

Tuition (semester)

Freshmen are required to pay 18,000 yuan per semester to graduate from high school. Fees are self-supporting.
Fees for foreign students: RMB 50,000 per year (including tuition, textbooks, school uniforms, water and electricity, board and lodging)



1. The monthly living expenses are included in the fees paid by foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Students in mainland China do not have monthly living expenses, which are paid by students themselves. Temporary standard of living expenses: 550 yuan per month for preschool students; 600 yuan per month for primary school students to junior two students; 3 to senior three students to swipe their cards for meals and pay according to actual consumption, and make appropriate adjustments according to market prices in the future.
2. The annual fee in charge mode 1 refers to the fee for a set of bedding allotted at school and the fees for school uniforms, accommodation, water and electricity, textbooks, materials and examination papers for the four seasons each year.
3. Our school employs full-time nurses to take care of children and pupils'daily life free of charge.
4. When freshmen enter the school, they should first take part in the physical examination and interview organized by the school. If the physical examination and interview are not qualified, the school will not be admitted.
5. After freshmen enter school, parents should actively cooperate with the school to complete the relevant transfer procedures for their children when necessary.
6. If there is malfeasance in the work of school staff, parents can complain to the school's Political and Educational Department. Complaint Telephone: 0791-85607648
Admission telephone:0791-85607666        Fax:0791-85607220

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