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Since the first school - Fujian Xishan School was founded in 1994 by Xishan Education Group, till now it has already set up Fujian Xishan School, Fuqing Xishan Senior High School, Fuqing Xishan vocational and technical school, Jiangxi Xishan school, Xiamen Security Science College, five schools and Xishan School overseas center, and constructed a school system from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school to college. Now those schools have more than 15,000 students, 3,000 faculty and staff, campus with a total area of 2000 mu.
It takes three generations to make a gentleman. Xishan Education Group is always in the direction of "education collectivizing, modernization and internationalization". Xishan Education Group keeps pace with the times, dares to pioneer and makes unremitting efforts to achieve the “being a Chinese private education No.1 brand" educational goals!



Then deputy mayor of Nanchang Luo Huifen (female) , former secretary of the CPC Committee of Jinxian County Tao Heping jointly inaugurated the foundation of Xishan Education Group.

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Address: beside national highway 316, changshan township, jinxian county, nanchang city, jiangxi province
Admissions phone:
Fax: 0791-85607220
Zip code:331724

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