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What is education? As a father I am worried about what is education? Education establishes our personality, locks our vision, and shapes our thinking. Education is not just a way of our imagination. In fact, a complete education is divided into social education, family education, school education, and self-education. So like a speech, listening to everyone's reaction, he is also a kind of education, a speech in the White House is a kind of education, and a speech in an auditorium whose name is still unknown is also an education. "This generation has passed, it's almost dusk, and now it's a new generation, what we are most worried about is what kind of education we should give them, and what kind of education we should give them.

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What is education? I am worried as a father
What is education? Education establishes our personality, locks our vision, and shapes our thinking.
Education is not just a way of our imagination. In fact, a complete education is divided into social education, family education, school education, and self-education. So like a speech, listening to everyone's reaction, he is also a kind of education, a speech in the White House is a kind of education, and a speech in an auditorium whose name is still unknown is also an education. "
This generation has passed, it is almost dusk, and now it is a new generation. What we are most worried about is what kind of education to give them. As a father, I am very worried.
What kind of education are our children receiving?
The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. Let’s talk about our eating dumplings. The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates a man named Qu Yuan. He was angry because he was politically unwilling and felt that the country was not what he imagined. In China, not many people remember Qu Yuan, only zongzi.
Once a child asked me, Uncle Cui, why do you want to eat zongzi to commemorate Qu Yuan? I wanted to see how acceptable this child was, so I told him, I said this, after Qu Yuan threw himself into the river, he floated up as soon as he dipped into the river, and the people of Chu State thought oh He was also floating, let's just eat him, they started to eat Qu Yuan, during the process of eating, they felt too fat, and then some people made a lot of zongzi, eating Qu Yuan and eating zongzi... That child is really I got the letter, and his dad almost beat me to death.
Another time, I was watching TV, and it was very sad. That kind of entertainment program was reminded by one person and guessed by one person. A name came out at the back, and the person in front reminded him: "It's just that his face is very long, and his face is very long. Well, his sister also wrote poems to run against him, saying that he had a long face," and he still couldn't guess, "That Dajiangdong went to Lang Tao. Exhausted, the most romantic people through the ages, to the west of the old base, the human path is the Three Kingdoms Zhou Lang Chibi!" Still unable to guess, finally said: "Elbow, elbow~~~" The buddy across from him immediately said, Su Dongpo!
Oh, how do you say that our culture is transmitted? This is education! Later it became his body symbol. He could think of Su Dongpo as soon as he went to a Sichuan restaurant to eat, but he couldn't think of him on any occasion.
They say that people who go abroad are very patriotic. I can feel it. I said it on the stage yesterday.
Our education, the biggest mistake is civic education!
I have read a lot of books, from Mr. Tao Xingzhi, Mr. Yan Yangchu, Mr. Liang Shuming, the generation of literati in the Republic of China, they are committed to the education of the common people, because they feel that if they do not do this kind of popular cultural enlightenment education at the grassroots level, they will not be able to. There are qualified citizens, so they put a lot of effort into it. When Mr. Yan Yangchu came to the United States when he was just liberated, his three sons all decided to stay in the mainland and participate in national construction instead of coming to the United States. His sons said to send me a picture every year, if you all sit on the bench, it proves that you are doing well, and if anyone is not doing well, stand up, and in 51 he received his sons The first photo I sent to him showed all three sons standing. (Laughter) That's it. In the 1980s, Mr. Yan Yangchu was very old. He returned to the mainland and was still busy with education for the common people. Schools were not built.
I think that generation of intellectuals knew very well how to open up people's wisdom, so Deng Xiaoping said that our biggest mistake in the past ten years is education. Without qualified citizens, this country cannot do anything.
The most appreciated education is in this school!
A while ago, last year, I went to Beijing Eleven School to help them host an event. I thought I was amazing. Such a big celebrity went to the middle school to host an event.
As a result, after hosting the event and resting in the lounge, they suddenly heard a loud voice from a boy, who was smoking, and they said, "Mr. Cui"! The boy said: "Pinch off!". I looked at him, and I felt that his gaze was unquestionable, so I quickly pinched the cigarette out and said sorry.
Later in the evening I invited them to dinner, walking in that school, I asked him, I said why don't you let me smoke, I said I can smoke in the Great Hall of the People, he said this is my school, oh that's great , I think it's very well said.
I think this child is telling us with his own actions: this school is theirs, and they have the final say! I always wonder: what would I do if something like this happened while I was in school? I must be running to get the ashtray.
Later, he was going to go to a university in the United States. He contacted me and asked if you could write me a recommendation letter, because he knew that he was being praised everywhere. Later, I said no, he said why, and I said it was my right.
But he was successfully admitted to the US university.
I admire Beijing Eleven School and its principal, Li Xigui.
I went to see Principal Li at the school. I went several times, but I never went to his office. why? Because his office is basically occupied by students. The student has the key to his office, so we can only talk elsewhere.
Once, he accompanied me around the school to see. Once we went to a classroom, and as soon as the door opened, there were two children studying there. Principal Li immediately said, "I'm sorry to disturb you." When leaving, the principal said again, "I'm sorry to disturb you." It's the first time I've seen a principal like this.
I went to the eleven school carnival. At the request of the children, I dressed up as a snake, and the headmaster dressed as Headmaster Dumbledore in Harry Potter. We were in the background and heard the constant cheering of the children outside. When the names of me and the principal were called, we ran out, I was the second last to come on stage, and the principal was the last one. I'm confident and I think the cheers from the kids will be louder when the principal and I come on stage. As a result, when it was my turn to go out, snowballs slammed into the sky. And I soon discovered that more snowballs were for the principal. I know that whoever gets hit by snowballs more is loved by students more.
In that instant, I wanted to cry because I didn't think I had the chance to go to a school like this. I think it's so important for kids to feel that school is theirs. Because the ultimate goal of education is this, when children think that the school is theirs when they are in school, and when they go into society, they will feel that the country is theirs, and they will truly be "personal responsibility", otherwise, they will Always be a bystander.
Education should give children ability, not knowledge!
By chance, I saw a topic in American world history: If Ogotai, the successor of Genghis Khan, had not died, what would have changed in Europe? Try to analyze from three aspects of economy, politics and society.
A student answered this way: If the Mongolian leader had not died, then the terrible Black Death would not have been brought to Europe. Without the Black Death, priests and nuns would not have died. If priests and nuns did not die, people would not doubt the existence of God. There would be no Renaissance in Florence, Italy, if people had not doubted the existence of God. Without the Renaissance, Spain and southern Europe would not be strong, and the Spanish Armada would not have been established. If Spain and Italy were not strong enough, the Anglo-Saxons would be strong 200 years earlier, the Germans would control Central Europe, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire would not exist. After reading it, the teacher said: "Great, good analysis." In fact, the teacher does not have a standard answer to this kind of question, but everyone must think about it.
People are building capabilities, we are just instilling knowledge. What's more, some teachers are simply instilling "dead" knowledge.
I looked at my nephew's exam papers and it blew me away. There is a topic: On a spring night, a person who has been away from his hometown for a long time, looking at the bright moonlight, can't help but miss his hometown, so what kind of poem does he sing? The nephew replied: Raise your head to look at the bright moon, and bow your head to think of your hometown. But at the back is a big fork. The standard answer is: the spring breeze and the south bank of the green river, when will the bright moon shine on me. The reason is: because it is a spring night, I have to write this sentence with a spring breeze.
There is another topic: The text "Hurry" was written by Mr. Zhu Ziqing, a famous modern writer. Can you write down your favorite and most impressive sentence? What my nephew wrote: "My days are dripping in the stream of time, with no sound and no shadow." A big fork at the back. The standard answer turned out to be: "But, clever, tell me, why are our days gone forever?"
An article, you can like this sentence, I can like that sentence, should the favorite sentence be unified? I think the title should be "Can you write down the teacher's favorite and most impressive sentence?"
Children must read, read history, read biographies!
Children should be encouraged to read more books. There is a saying - reading may not necessarily make you understand, but at least you can know that the person sitting across from you is talking nonsense. This is the biggest advantage of reading, if you don't read, you may always be in a confused state.
Some parents like to let their children read according to the recommended book list, but in fact, although the books recommended by others are very useful, the children may not be able to read them. Only books that they like and are interested in will children read it desperately. I don't think any book is useless to people, I think every book is useful to people.
If I have to recommend it, I think there are two types of books that may be worth reading: one is historical books; the other is biography, which is my own preference. Reading historical topics will make you understand more and more, and the more you read, the more you feel that you are a sensible person; biography has a special advantage. When you finish reading a person's biography, you will feel that you are living with him. A lifetime, another lifetime. Each of us can only live in one way, but when you read some biographies carefully, you will find that you can live a hundred times, you can live a thousand times, there are various ways of living, this is a happy thing.
I know that many children are reluctant to read, and we have no good way to encourage or urge them to read. We can only say that the child should try to read first, even if it is one or two books, maybe he will read one or two books, and then suddenly became interested.
The three views of parents are right, and it is the wealth of a child's life!
My philosophy of moral education for children comes from my parents, which is the traditional "family style" of my family.
When I was very young, there was one thing that made a deep impression on me. At that time, there was a lovely tabby cat at home, and the whole family loved it very much. One day, when I woke up in the morning, I heard the cat meowing under the bed. I turned out of the bed and saw that the cat had picked up two yellow croakers out of nowhere, looking complacent. I was so happy to tell my parents about it. But our parents took us to follow the footprints to check carefully and found that the yellow croaker was brought from outside the wall by the cat, and the partition wall was a state-run vegetable market. My mother took me and the non-staple food ration book, went straight to the vegetable market, explained the situation to the uncles and aunts who sold fish, and paid them the money for the two yellow croakers. It turned out that the cat ate two fish and my siblings and I ate two less fish.
When I was in the third grade of elementary school, the school organized a theatrical performance. I really liked one of the group dances, "Tunnel Warfare", but I was not selected. I returned home gloomily and was discovered by my father. After asking what happened, my father didn't mean to "intercede" for me, even though he was very familiar with the school. Instead, he laughed and said, "What is a small setback? As long as you work hard, there will be opportunities in the future." Dad His smile melted the knots in my heart, and he still cared about the performance enthusiastically.
As a result, another song and dance show "On the Road" selected me and asked me to play the leading role - the instructor. That show was very successful. After the school performance, I went to the nearby villages and the army to perform. At the end of the performance, my father, as the political commissar of the army, came on stage to shake hands with the young actors, including me. That handshake was the only official handshake between our father and son, and it left an unforgettable impression on me, because I felt that it was a man-to-man handshake, and my father's hand was very strong, which made me feel a kind of eternal support and trust.
I have come a long way with the encouragement of my parents, and every step I take, I grow a little bit. Even after I became famous, I was still very emotional when it came to my parents. My father is like the sun, bright and upright; my mother is like the moon, gentle and boundless. It also infuses light and heat into our young hearts, and does not give a trace of dark psychology a place to live. This is a life-long inexhaustible wealth.