4 months before the senior high school entrance examination, review is the key

Since there are still doubts and incomprehensions about some concepts or issues, it is necessary to consult teachers or parents.

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Since there are still doubts and incomprehensions about some concepts or issues, it is necessary to consult teachers or parents.


Discussion and communication with classmates is very necessary. It is a quick way to discover your own problems, and it is also a good way to improve your understanding of concepts. Don't worry about your classmates getting knowledge from you. What you should worry about is whether you can explain to your classmates what you think you know.


In fact, it is a dialogue and communication between oneself and oneself, through self-reflection, to achieve a better understanding and understanding of the problem. It is best to think about what things have been done well today, what things have not been done, and when to do them every night before going to bed, and have an arrangement in mind.

for practice

Through checking omissions, filling in vacancies and summarizing, it is found that some concepts are not well mastered, so do some targeted exercises and homework to achieve the purpose of mastery. Some exercises are mainly based on recitation and memory, while others require students to arrange and organize themselves through reference books and exercise books. This is a high performance of self-learning ability.

Three rounds of review should be done well

The first round to lay a solid foundation

According to the current high school entrance examination syllabus, the difficulty level ratio of the proposition structure is 7:2:1 (in some places it may be 5:3:2), grasping the content of the textbook (ie basic knowledge) means 70% of the success. .
The content of the textbook is the foundation, no matter how the format of the test questions changes, but ultimately it must be based on the textbook, so the first round of review must be based on the content of the textbook. Master the most basic recitation content, common sense, phonetic and font, concepts, formulas, theorems, as well as some basic calculation skills and thinking methods. Fix the foundation and consolidate the foundation. The familiarity and proficiency of students with the content of the textbook is directly related to the amount of basic points obtained in the senior high school entrance examination.

The second round of summarization and integration of knowledge

It is necessary to combine the characteristics of each subject knowledge, sort out the content of each chapter, sort out the context, clarify the order, summarize and organically integrate the knowledge of each unit, and form a relatively complete comprehensive knowledge system.
In the process of practice, further deepen the grasp and understanding of the internal connection between each knowledge point. Improve the comprehensive application ability of various knowledge points. This is conducive to the answers to the mid-range questions that account for 20%, and strengthens the comprehensive understanding and application of knowledge.

The third round of real test simulation time-limited practice

In the third round of review, candidates will start to contact a large number of mock exam papers, mainly on the question type, difficulty, and speed of doing questions.
When doing mock exams, the training method that has always been "favored" by many famous teachers is "limited time practice", that is, when candidates take mock exams in class, it is recommended that students completely simulate the environment in the exam room at the corresponding time point of the relevant subjects. to train. This can not only master the speed of the question, but also exercise the psychological quality of the students.
The review methods are changeable, and the review methods are different. In line with the tenet of "every change remains the same", according to the syllabus of the senior high school entrance examination, closely follow the content of the textbook, reasonably arrange the review progress, and carefully organize the review according to your own test characteristics. The high school entrance examination review will be effective, and the senior high school entrance examination can produce excellent results.