Please rest assured, the weather turns cold, I am all right in school!

Recently, the weather in Nanchang suddenly turned cool,

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Celebrated dictum

Recently, the weather in Nanchang suddenly turned cool,
From the twenties to the present,
It's just a few days,
I always receive calls of concern from my parents,
Hearing their eager and familiar words,
How about your study recently? Are you busy or tired?
Are you used to eating school meals?
Remember to add clothes when the weather turns cold
It seems that we will always be the children who need their care!
Sometimes after a long silence, "take care of yourself"!
Isn't it full of love?
Then we might as well take the initiative and tell them,
Mom and Dad, I'm all right at school!
1、 A beautiful day, starting from morning exercise
The plan of the day is in the morning. With the rise of the first ray of sunshine at dawn, the campus of Xishan also began to wake up. At six o'clock every morning, my classmates and I came to the playground on time to follow the steps of the deputy head teacher and exercise by running, cheerleading, martial arts, fun activities and other means.
On the sports field, we let ourselves fly and feel the vitality and vitality of youth. Actively participate in sports, so that we can strengthen our physique, exercise our personality and develop good work and rest habits in the process of morning exercises, which can also make us more energetic in the study of the day
2、 The interesting classes at school make winter less cold
Since the school comprehensively promoted the classroom teaching reform in 2012, it has gone through nine years. Now it has formed a unique classroom model of curriculum reform teaching, and the classroom efficiency has been significantly improved.
And we have introduced advanced steam teaching classes from abroad, which makes our classes more lively and interesting, (Science) stands for science, (Technology), technology, (Engineering), engineering, (Arts), art, (Mathematics). Steam education is a comprehensive education integrating science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.
3、 Delicious big pot dishes, derived from pure nature, give us the energy to resist the cold winter
"After school, I'm hungry! Let's go to the canteen to eat delicious food!" "The big pot dishes at school are really delicious!" This is the aspiration of all teachers and students of Xishan school. The nutritious and delicious meals in Xishan canteen actually come from pure natural fresh ingredients. Studying in Xishan, I can ensure that the food ingredients I eat are absolutely "natural" and "pollution-free"!
Xishan Education Group has a self owned farm of more than 3500 mu, which provides students with a variety of nutritious agricultural and sideline products such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat and fresh direct food materials throughout the year.