8 good habits of self-management that will make you a better version of yourself!

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What is the easiest thing to do? It is easiest to give advice to others; hardest to do? Managing yourself is the hardest.

However, man's greatest enemy is often himself. How you treat life is how life will treat you.

If you want to achieve a certain height and width in life, it is recommended that you do yourself well first and develop these habits of self-management:




One, keep smiling.


Most of the people with smiles on their faces have a positive and optimistic heart, they are full and positive, and they treat life kindly.

A smile is the most authentic language in life. It can make people who are hungry and cold feel warm, can comfort those who are lonely and helpless, and can also make people who are in desperation see hope again.

Learning to smile is a state of mind that smiles on life. No matter what kind of setbacks and difficulties you encounter, you can overcome difficulties with a calm attitude and a broad mind.

Life is really hard, you might as well add some sweetness to yourself with a smile.




Second, complain less.


In life, we often encounter some people full of negative energy. They will complain about not catching the bus in the morning, complain about the lack of seasoning in the pancake fruit, and complain about who accidentally stepped on their feet.

I always feel that the whole world owes me, but I don't know that complaining is the killer of all relationships, and my bad mood will make others extremely annoying.

Life is a mirror, if you laugh at it, it will laugh at you; if you cry at it, it will cry at you. Complaining is a kind of psychological suggestion, and it is also the reason why the more you complain, the worse your luck.

Look out when things go wrong. A life without complaints will get the best fulfillment.






Third, everything is 10 minutes ahead of schedule.


Every successful person knows how to work hard to prepare in advance.

Set the wake-up alarm 10 minutes earlier, you can go out in a hurry and enjoy a breakfast slowly; date with friends 10 minutes earlier, you don't have to miss the time because of being stuck on the road and affect the good mood of the party; go to work 10 minutes earlier , you can schedule your work for the day in advance.

10 minutes in advance of everything is just a small thing, but it will not make your life chaotic and bring you closer to success!




Fourth, keep the habit of reading.


Reading is a good companion for enriching life experience, allowing you to discover yourself in dialogue with books.

Insist on setting aside one to two hours of reading every day, and slowly develop the habit of reading. Over time, you will find that the more you read, the spirit of those other people's stories will be used for you logically.

Although it cannot change our destiny, it can change our character; it cannot change the starting point of life, but it can change the ending point of life.





Fifth, invest in yourself.


Relying on the mountains to fall, relying on everyone to run, only relying on yourself is the most reliable. Instead of spending time and thought on maintaining useless relationships, it's better to work on yourself.

Really smart people are people who know how to invest in themselves. They know how to spend their time and energy on things that add value to themselves:

Learn a foreign language, learn a technique, do some sports... Strive to improve yourself and cultivate your hobbies. The investment you make today will pay off tomorrow.




Sixth, go to bed early if you have nothing to do.


Staying up late is a common phenomenon among contemporary young people. I always say I go to bed early after playing this game, I go to bed immediately after watching this episode of TV series, and I go to sleep after watching the short video for a while... But I read and read, and I look around, just like this for a few hours. past.

Stay up late at night, sleep less and less. Do you need to repeat the disadvantages of staying up late for a long time? !

Good health is everything. From now on, change yourself, develop the habit of going to bed early when you have nothing to do, and be a person who does not stay up late and has a healthy body.






Seventh, keep exercising.


The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and all kinds of pressure cannot be avoided. Many people will say that they just want to lie in bed after get off work and don’t have time to exercise at all.

However, life is not a 100-meter run, but a marathon. A healthy body is a powerful guarantee for dreams and future. People who don't have time to exercise will sooner or later find time to go to the hospital.

Don't let being busy be an excuse to be lazy. The difference between those who exercise and those who do not exercise is the confidence to live a good life. Regularly maintain the habit of exercising, not only will you be healthy and energetic, but your mind will also become very young.

Choose an exercise method, stick to it, and believe that every drop of sweat you shed will not be wasted.




Eighth, learn to self-reflect.


If you fail the exam, you blame the lights in the classroom for being too dim; if you don’t have a harmonious relationship with your colleagues around you, you blame others for not accommodating yourself; if you don’t pass the work plan, you blame your boss for making things difficult for you…

People who fail always like to find reasons from others, so they fail more and more, and people who succeed always find reasons from themselves, so they become more and more successful.

Sow a behavior, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.

Be your best self, and start with these self-management habits.