Six people, including Yan Haifeng, an outstanding graduate of Xishan high school in 2011, reunited with their alma mater

"Welcome back to my alma mater". On the morning of February 9, 2012, six students, Yan Haifeng, Hong Xianxue, Xiong Feng, Peng Xin, Zhou Yang and Jin Meng,

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"Welcome back to my alma mater". On the morning of February 9, 2012, six students, Yan Haifeng, Hong Xianxue, Xiong Feng, Peng Xin, Zhou Yang and Jin Meng, who graduated from Jiangxi Xishan school in 2011, went back to Xishan, their alma mater, to visit the leaders, teachers and students in the school, and to regain their learning and life in their alma mater. Leaders such as liuzaiyuan, President of Jiangxi Xishan school, and Yuan Yonggang, Minister of the high school department, had a warm discussion with several students at the meeting on the second floor of the administrative building.
Hongxianxue is the president of the second student union of Jiangxi Xishan school, and now he is studying in the Department of civil engineering of Nanchang University. Unable to suppress his excitement, he said that he returned to his alma mater, was kind and warm, and was grateful for the cultivation of his alma mater. Seeing that the campus environment was becoming more and more beautiful, and the development was better and better year by year, he felt proud.
"Children are determined to go out of the countryside, and they swear not to return if they don't become famous." Yan Haifeng recalled what he said at the opening ceremony of the 2010-2011 school year, full of gratitude. In the 2011 college entrance examination, Yan Haifeng was admitted to Tianjin University with a score of 605. He said that from primary school to high school, he spent ten spring and autumn in Xishan. What Xishan gave him was not only knowledge, but also the truth of life. These valuable wealth benefited a lot after he entered university.
Xiong Feng, who is now studying software engineering at East China Jiaotong University, Peng Xin, who is majoring in optoelectronic information at the University of Electronic Science and technology, Zhou Yang, who is majoring in anesthesiology at Nanchang University, and Jinmeng, who is majoring in international trade at Harbin University of technology, also expressed their feelings of returning to their alma mater this time.
Seeing the former students, Liu Zaiyuan, President of Jiangxi Xishan school, was very happy. He called out their names one by one and kindly asked them about their study and life in college. President Liu Zaiyuan said that filial piety comes first, and he hoped that students would return to their alma mater more often to meet with teachers and students. He said that the development of Xishan cannot be separated from the care and support of the students. 2013 is the tenth anniversary of the school. At that time, he hopes that Xishan students who are away will be able to return to their alma mater to participate in school celebration activities, give more advice for the development of their alma mater, and jointly contribute to the development of their alma mater.
Yuan Yonggang, the Minister of the high school department, was overjoyed to see several students return to their alma mater. Minister yuan Yonggang said that it was gratifying and gratifying for the students to return to Xishan and never forget their teachers' kindness.
In the afternoon of that day, several students also interacted with their classmates in the punishment room of the high school. Talking about study, talking about ideals, introducing college life, the atmosphere was relaxed and lively, and sent the most sincere message to the younger students.
"Xishan will always be your alma mater". Entering the university means entering the society. In the face of the increasingly competitive social environment, you should be courageous and take an active part in social practice while learning your major well. This is a knowledge-based society. There is no end to learning. No matter where or when you are, you can't fall behind in learning.