Summary of famous sentences recited in high school Chinese (2)

Chopping wood into soldiers, raising poles into flags, the world gathers to respond, and the scenery follows after winning food.

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22. Chopping wood into soldiers, raising poles into flags, the world gathers to respond, and the scenery follows after winning food.

23. One husband is in trouble and seven temples go to the ground, and he is dead, and he is the laughing person of the world. What is it? (Jia Yi's "Guo Qin Lun")

24. Today, Xiang Zhuang draws his sword and dances, and his intention is always in Pei Gong.

25. Dahang does not care about meticulousness, and does not hesitate to make small concessions. Nowadays, people are swordsmen, and I am fish, so what should I say? (Sima Qian's "Hongmen Banquet")

26. It is the sun, the sky is clear and the air is clear, and the wind is gentle. Looking up at the vastness of the universe and looking down at the prosperous categories, it is enough to entertain the eyes and ears, and believe in Coke. (Wang Xizhi's "Orchid Pavilion Collection")

27. Knowing that death and life are false births, Qi Pengshang is false. The future will look at the present, and the present will also look at the past, sad for the husband! (Wang Xizhi's "Orchid Pavilion Collection")

28. Since you take your heart as a form of servant, you feel sad and lonely? You realize that you don't remonstrate in the past, and you know that those who come can be chased. It is not far away, I feel that today is not yesterday. (Tao Qian's "Returning and Coming Back")

29. Wealth and honor are not my wish, and the emperor's hometown cannot be expected. Huai Liangchen to go alone, or to plant a stick and work hard. Deng Donggao to Shu Xiao, Lin Qingliu and wrote poetry. (Tao Qian's "Returning and Coming Back")

30. The boat is far away with a light bow, and the wind flutters and blows the clothes. Asking the husband about the way forward, he hates the faintness of the morning light. (Tao Qian's "Returning and Coming Back")

31. The teapot is drawn for self-discretion, and the courtroom is used for Yiyan. Leaning against the south window to express pride, to examine Yi An of the knee. (Tao Qian's "Returning and Coming Back")

32. To help the old to rest, and to look away from time to time. Clouds come out of Xiu without any intention, and birds fly away when they are tired. Jing Ying Ying is about to enter, caressing the solitary pines and lingering. (Tao Qian's "Returning and Coming Back")

33. Mu Xinxin is prosperous, and the spring begins to flow. When the good things are obtained, I feel the rest of my life. (Tao Qian's "Returning and Coming Back")

34. Ancient scholars must have teachers. Teachers, so preaching and receiving karma to dispel doubts. (Han Yu's "Teacher's Talk")

35. Therefore, there is neither noble nor lowly, neither long nor small, where the Tao exists, and where the teacher exists. (Han Yu's "Teacher's Talk")

36. I don’t know how to read the sentence, and I don’t understand it when I’m confused. Either the teacher is absent or absent, and it was left behind in elementary school. I haven’t seen it clearly.

37. Confucius said: If three people walk together, then there must be my teacher. Therefore, the disciple does not have to be inferior to the teacher, the teacher does not have to be wiser than the disciple, there is a precedence in hearing the Tao, and there is a specialization in the arts and professions, that is all. (Han Yu's "Teacher's Talk")

38. The long bridge is lying on the waves, there is no cloud and what is the dragon? (Du Mu's "Efang Gong Fu")

39. Dingdang jade, gold nuggets and pearls, abandoned and thrown, the people of Qin regarded them with no regrets.

40. The guards are called, Hangu is lifted, the people of Chu throw a torch, poor scorched earth!

41. Woohoo! It is not Qin who destroys the Six Kingdoms, and Qin is not the world. (Du Mu's "Efang Gong Fu")

42. Qin people are too busy to mourn for themselves, and later generations mourn for them; later generations mourn for them but do not learn from them, which also makes future generations mourn for their descendants again. (Du Mu's "Efang Gong Fu")

43. The minister has heard that those who seek the elders of wood must consolidate their roots; those who wish to flow far, must dred their springs; those who wish for the security of the country must accumulate their virtues and righteousness. (Wei Zheng's "Ten Thoughts of the Emperor Taizong")

44. The king is the most important artifact, and he lives in a large area. He does not think of danger in peace, avoids extravagance and is frugal, and also cuts down his roots for the sake of wood, and he wants to grow. (Wei Zheng's "Ten Thoughts of the Emperor Taizong")

45. Those who are good at the beginning are rich, and those who overcome the end cover the widow.

46. ​​The resentment is not a big one, it is only human beings to be feared; it is advisable to be cautious when carrying a boat overturned. (Wei Zheng's "Ten Thoughts of Remonstrance Taizong")

47. When there will be something to do, think about knowing and stop to soothe people; when thinking about high danger, think modestly and shepherd by yourself; when fear overflows, think about rivers and seas going down hundreds of rivers. (Wei Zheng's "Ten Thoughts of Remonstrance Taizong")

48. Let the simple and capable, choose the good and follow it, the wise will do their best, the brave will do their best, the benevolent will spread their favor, and the faithful will be loyal to them. (Wei Zheng's "Ten Thoughts of Remonstrance Taizong")