Summary of famous sentences in high school Chinese recitation (1)

High School Chinese Textbooks Volume 1-6 Reciting Famous Sentences Volume 1

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High School Chinese Textbooks Volume 1-6 Reciting Famous Sentences Volume 1

1. The eagle strikes the sky, the fish soars to the shallow bottom, and all kinds of frost and sky compete for freedom.

Instructing the country and promoting the writing, the dung was in the past ten thousand households. (Mao Zedong "Qinyuanchun Changsha")

2. Life is easy and old age is hard to get old. Today is Chongyang again, and the yellow flowers on the battlefield are particularly fragrant. Once a year, the autumn wind is strong, not like spring. It's better than spring, and there are thousands of miles of frost in the river and the sky. (Mao Zedong, "Picking Mulberries, Chongyang")

3. If the east wind does not come, the catkins in March do not fly. Your heart is like a small lonely city, just like the streets of bluestone turning into the night. There is no sound of footsteps, the spring curtain of March is not lifted, and your heart is tightly closed by a small window. (Zheng Chouyu "Error")

4. Among the layers of leaves, there are scattered white flowers, some blooming gracefully, some shyly budding; just like a pearl, like a star in the blue sky, and like a fresh bloom. Beauty in the bath. The breeze passed by, sending wisps of fragrance, like the faint singing of distant high-rise buildings.

5. The moonlight is like flowing water, quietly pouring on this leaf and flower. A thin green mist floated in the lotus pond. The leaves and flowers seem to have been washed in milk; they are like a dream wrapped in a veil.

6. The moonlight in the pond is not uniform; but the light and shadow have a harmonious melody, such as the famous song played on the Fan Graceling. (Zhu Ziqing's Moonlight on the Lotus Pond)

7. The country of Yue is far too far away, and you know how difficult it is. Why use the death of Zheng to accompany the neighbor? The neighbor is thick and the king is thin. If Shezheng is regarded as the host, the exchange of luggage will make him tired, and the king will not be harmed.

8. Fu Jin, why do you hate it? Not only do you want to seal Zheng in the east, but you also want to seal it in the west. If you don’t put up with Qin, how can you take it?

9. It is not benevolent to destroy it because of the power of people; it is not benevolent to lose what it has given it; ("Zuo Zhuan Zhu Zhiwu Retires Qin Shi")

10. Today, it is thousands of miles away and hundreds of cities. There are no palace ladies who do not love the king, no officials in the court are afraid of the king, and no one in the four realms seeks the king. From this point of view, the king's cover is very high!

11. A group of ministers, officials and people who can face the wrongs of the few will receive the upper reward; those who advise the few in the letter will receive the middle reward; those who can slander and ridicule the city and hear the ears of the few will receive the lower reward.

12. At the beginning of the decree, a group of ministers came to give advice, and the gates were like a city; after a few months, from time to time, after a few months, although they wanted to talk, no one entered.

13. Yan, Zhao, Han, and Wei heard that, all of them were in Qi. This so-called victory over the court. ("Warring States Policy: Zou Ji satirizes King Qi's remonstrance")

14. The sons and grandsons of human masters will not be good? They are honored but have no merit, and they are generous but have no labor, and they have many heavy weapons. ("Touching the Dragon Says Empress Dowager Zhao")

15. If it does not violate the agricultural season, the grain cannot be eaten. If you don't get into the pond, the fish and turtles will not be able to eat. The ax and jin enter the mountains and forests in time, and the wood and wood are invincible. (Mencius, "The Widows Are in the Country")

16. Therefore, when wood is roped, it is straight, and when gold is sharpened, it is profitable. If a gentleman is erudite, and he is wise and self-respecting, he will know and act without fault. (Xunzi's "Encouraging Learning")

17. If I taste it all day long and think about it, it is not as good as what I learned in a short time; if I taste it and look at it, it is not as good as the broad view of climbing high.

18. Those who fake horses do not benefit from the foot, and they will travel thousands of miles; those who fake boats do not have the ability to water, but they end up rivers and rivers. Gentlemen are not different, and they are good at things.

19. Therefore, if you don't accumulate a few steps, you can't travel a thousand miles. If you don't accumulate a small stream, you can't make a river or sea.

20. Qiji can't take ten steps in a single leap, and a horse can ride ten times. The work is hard to give up; perseverance, rotten wood will not break, perseverance, gold and stone can be carved. (Xunzi's "Encouraging Learning")

21. The worm has no claws and teeth, but has strong bones and muscles. It eats the soil of Egypt on the top and drinks the yellow spring on the bottom. (Xunzi's "Encouraging Learning")