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Under the correct leadership of the provincial, municipal and county education administrative departments and Xishan education group, Jiangxi Xishan school conscientiously implements the party's education policy, adheres to education first, moral education first, strengthens the construction of campus culture, and carries out rich and colorful moral education activities.

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------Report on moral education work of Xishan school in Jiangxi Province
Under the correct leadership of the provincial, municipal and county education administrative departments and Xishan education group, Jiangxi Xishan school conscientiously implements the party's education policy, adheres to education first, moral education first, strengthens the construction of campus culture, and carries out rich and colorful moral education activities. On the premise of advocating that students learn to study, learn to live, learn to behave, and learn to innovate, it focuses on patriotism, collectivism, and socialist education, Enable students to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, and truly achieve comprehensive education. Now the moral education work in 2008-2009 is reported as follows:
1、 Strengthen the construction of moral education team and improve the level of moral education management
1. Establish a leading organization
The school has set up a leading group for moral education, with President Liu Zaiyuan as the group leader, vice president Cai Fengxiang and the head of the Department in charge of moral education as the Deputy group leader, and department directors and team cadres as members. The school has set up a political and educational supervision room and a moral education department, with directors, psychological counselors and other special personnel responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of school moral education. Establish a monthly meeting system for moral education, hold a monthly meeting for moral education, study and exchange, summarize the situation, assign tasks, and formulate measures. The political and Educational Department of each school department specifically organizes and manages the moral education work of the school department, and plans, organizes, and urges each class to carry out moral education practice activities that meet the characteristics of the students of the school department according to the work plan of the Moral Education Department of the political and educational Supervision Office of the school.
2. Improve the management system
In order to effectively carry out moral education, the school code, a compilation of rules and regulations of our school, collects the reward regulations, the regulations on the administration of smoke-free schools, the code of dress and appearance of teachers and students, the class management and accountability of levels, the code of campus etiquette, the interim Provisions on the prohibition of snacks in teaching, sports and leisure areas, the entrance guard notice, the provisions on the administration of students' pocket money Moral education working documents such as the implementation plan for the management of dining etiquette in the student canteen, the punishment (Interim) measures for students' disciplinary violations, the regulations on student commendation, and the implementation plan for the management of students' holidays. The rules and regulations of the school were mobilized and publicized to the majority of teachers and students by means of speeches under the national flag and class meetings.
3. Strengthen team building
We should do a good job in the training of head teachers, organize the learning activities of moral education theory and experience of all teachers in combination with teachers' continuing education, and strive to improve teachers, especially head teachers' moral education theoretical literacy, practical work level, and sense of responsibility and mission of moral education. Employ excellent class teachers or experienced experts to hold a class teacher work experience exchange meeting in the school. It has held three annual experience exchange speech competitions of "caring for students and cultivating talents". Often organize young teachers to go deep into classes, cultivate practical experience in class management, and prepare for being a class teacher.
Primary schools and junior and senior high schools set up the young pioneers brigade and the Youth League Headquarters respectively, and senior high schools set up student unions. In order to give full play to the management and supervision ability of student cadres, some student cadres were organized to check the status of students wearing ID cards and the campus environmental sanitation; In order to improve the students' sense of collective honor and enhance their sense of service, the winning phalanx was selected at the opening ceremony of the school games, civilized classes were selected during the games, and 60 student cadres from the three school departments were selected to form a volunteer service team for the school games. They are dutiful, loyal to their duties, maintain the order of the game, maintain the hygiene of the game, cheer for the athletes, and maintain the glorious image of volunteers.
4. Promote base construction
Excavating moral education resources and building moral education bases is an effective way to improve the effectiveness of moral education. In work practice, our school focuses on the concept of "great moral education", makes full use of social moral education resources, carries out rich and colorful educational activities, and achieves good moral education results. Our school regularly organizes students to carry out voluntary labor in Wengang town to clean up the street environment; Organize students to the nursing home to show love to the elderly; Every disability day, donations are made for Nanchang Qiyin school for blind children and Jinxian County special education school.
On the basis of the original moral education base, we have expanded it and organized students to participate in social practice themed educational activities. This effectively expands the space of moral education, and students go out of the classroom and school, further transforming the form of moral education from closed to open. Moral education base is not only a social classroom, but also a living textbook. It complements school education, promotes the construction of the style of study and school spirit, and promotes the development of school work. It is not only an important part of school moral education, but also a long-term and arduous work. We will continue to explore and improve. Facing the new situation, we will continue to pursue, keep pace with the times, further improve the effectiveness of moral education, and push the moral education work of our school to a new level.
2、 Integrate campus cultural resources and expand the implementation space of moral education
1. Planning Course Construction
Moral education is a kind of cultural education, which contains rich cultural information and content. Teachers in primary and secondary schools actively explore and practice the infiltration of moral education, and have formed a set of effective teaching methods to infiltrate moral education according to the characteristics of various disciplines, the age characteristics of students and the theme of traditional virtue education in all grades of the school. Combine the ideological connotation of teaching, excavate the moral factors of teaching materials, stimulate students' emotions, create situations and other methods to infect and educate students, cultivate students' self-confidence, and teach students to be human. The ideological and political courses and moral and social courses are held in strict accordance with the regulations, and the teaching materials are fully equipped, so that students can be edified by the spirit of traditional virtues at all times and everywhere, and get a "double harvest" of scientific and cultural knowledge and ideology and morality in the classroom.
Thoroughly study the physical and mental growth characteristics of young students, make full use of and integrate all kinds of moral education resources, build a new moral education system, and develop a School-based Moral Education Curriculum - "campus etiquette code", which is in line with the reality of the school and close to students' life. It is not only the exploration and practice of implementing the "enhancing the adaptability of the curriculum to local, school and students" proposed in the curriculum reform, but also the construction of a moral education system with school characteristics, An important measure to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of school moral education. The School-based Moral Education Curriculum is combined with the discipline curriculum and activity curriculum of each year, so as to find out the moral points in the teaching of each discipline, adhere to the penetration of moral education, widely contact with the teaching content and teaching requirements of the discipline, and integrate the moral education content in the School-based Moral education curriculum that inherits the national spirit into the teaching of the discipline and into the activities of the school.
2. Pay close attention to routine education
As the saying goes, "without rules, nothing can be achieved", "virtue can only be accumulated through kindness". The regular moral education in our school is based on the code of primary and secondary school students and the daily code of conduct for primary and secondary school students. With the code of campus etiquette as the core, combined with school discipline and school rules, we can set good "rules" for students, so that students can understand the true meaning of adult talent from good "rules", so as to develop good study, life and behavior habits; And set the first month of each semester as the "Student Cultivation Education Strengthening month", and solidly teach students to start with small things, things around them, and me; Check and evaluate the campus environmental sanitation, students' big break activities, and dining etiquette in the student canteen every day. Set up a mobile red flag and the "knowing books and being polite" award for the winning school department every month, irregularly check the costumes and instruments of all teachers and students in the school, closely follow the "small", "fine" and "solid", and strictly pay attention to the cultivation and education of students.
Actively carry out mental health education activities, the school has set up a "heart bridge" talk room, and hired professional psychological counseling teachers, which are very popular with students. The psychological counseling room is opened regularly to provide students with psychological counseling, timely carry out psychological crisis intervention, and timely help students untie their heart knot and improve their personality. According to different topics such as "Internet addiction standard" and "exam psychology", a psychological journal "Lingxi" is published at the beginning of the month to publicize mental health knowledge. On May 6, 2009, Wang Shaoying, vice president of Nanchang 19th Central Plains, and Xie Hui, a psychological counseling teacher of Nanchang 21st middle school, were invited to give psychological counseling lectures for senior three students of our school before the exam and relieve the pressure of the college entrance examination. They also conducted an exam anxiety test on senior three students of our school on site.
School moral education, activities are the carrier. Only through a variety of colorful activities can we practice "neutral morality in activities, educate people in activities", highlight "activities" and "infiltration", and emphasize "practice" and "experience". The school has always put moral education in the first place, requiring the Moral Education Department of the three schools to strive to "have educational themes every month, educational priorities every week, and educational contents every day", and to achieve a regular management mechanism of moral education that is planned, step-by-step, implemented and inspected.
(1) Legal safety activities: ① on the afternoon of December 12, 2008, the leaders of Jiangxi No. 1 reeducation through Labor Institute organized reeducation through labor personnel to make a "lost path" report for all teachers and students of the middle school in our school. On the afternoon of December 13, 2008, Xia Xiaoyuan, President of the juvenile court of Nanchang intermediate people's court, held a legal education lecture for all teachers and students of the middle school. On December 14th, 2009, Qian Cunzhen, deputy chief of the Education Department of Jiangxi provincial and municipal reeducation through Labor Institute, held a report meeting on "dialogue with youth and self-improvement" for middle school students in our school. The report meeting and lecture shocked the students deeply, enhanced their legal concept, understood the harm of illegal crime, and also improved their awareness of prevention. ② At the end of December, 2008, the primary school carried out earthquake escape and fire self-help drills in the teaching area and dormitory area respectively. The directors of the political and educational departments of the junior high school and senior high school and the head and deputy head of the section came to the scene to observe and study. Through the drill, the majority of teachers and students learned the basic methods of how to escape and self-help in the face of earthquake and fire. ③ On March 17, 2009, Nanchang social security fire service center was invited to hold a "fire safety" lecture in our school. The lecture vividly described how we should participate in fire fighting and self rescue, how to prevent and eliminate fires, and the use of necessary fire-fighting facilities and equipment with different fire cases. ④ On May 12, 2009, the first anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province was also the first "disaster prevention and mitigation day" in China. The "three studies" section organized students to watch the special program "commemorating the first anniversary of the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake" broadcast by the central government and Sichuan satellite TV. The shocking scenes and moving deeds deeply infected our students. At the same time, it has also improved our teachers and students' awareness of natural disasters and prevention awareness. ⑤ At the end of June, 2009, in order to effectively carry out the legal education and clean government culture education in our school, we negotiated with the people's Procuratorate of Jinxian county to jointly issue the "implementation plan of legal education in Xishan school in Jiangxi Province", set up a "Youth Legal Education Exhibition Hall" in our school, and establish a legal education base.
(2) Thanksgiving and patriotic activities: ① taking the "mother's Day" as an opportunity, the Moral Education Department urged all school departments to carry out special education on Thanksgiving to mothers, and expressed gratitude and filial piety to mothers in many forms, such as class meetings, writing letters, making phone calls, making small gifts, etc., which were highly praised by parents and society. ② On May 14th, 2009, the political and educational supervision office prepared, and the vice president caifengxiang presided over the mobilization meeting of the experience exchange speech competition of "caring for students, building virtue and cultivating people; knowing kindness and repaying, filial piety and respect for elders". More than 300 people, including Mei Lianhua, the curator of Nanchang folk custom museum, Zhang Wenbin, the chairman of the group, and the cadres, staff and students of our school, were invited to attend the meeting. ③ In order to thoroughly implement the guiding spirit of the central leading comrades on "taking the patriotic education activities as the content of strengthening the ideological construction of minors", the online signature message activity is used as the carrier to guide minors to actively participate in the patriotic education activities, enhance their patriotic awareness, stimulate their patriotic enthusiasm, and sing the main melody of the Communist Party, socialism, reform and opening up, and the great motherland. The school requires the three schools to carry out patriotic education theme activities in various forms. At the same time, the online signature message activity of "salute the national flag and be a moral person" has been widely carried out, and more than 2500 students in our school have signed online. ④ Take advantage of the National Day holiday, which celebrates the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, to organize students to carry out essay solicitation activities and thematic class meetings with the theme of "the motherland is in my heart", so as to stimulate students' patriotism.
(3) Love donation activities: on November 30, 2008, our teachers and students donated a total of 30000 yuan to zhaiyonggang (29 years old with leukemia), a staff member of Jinxian No. 2 middle school, and 7582 yuan to Chen Zaosheng (with lung cancer), a former junior high school teacher of our school. In order to vigorously promote humanitarianism, advocate the good social custom of helping the disabled, and create a harmonious, civilized and progressive Xishan campus, according to the requirements of the higher education administrative department, we vigorously publicized the 19th legal "national day for helping the disabled" educational activities in our school, and the teachers and students of the school responded positively, with a total donation of 18741.60 yuan. Among them, 630 faculty members donated 10491.10 yuan and 3563 students donated 8250.50 yuan. The school donated 6741.60 yuan to Jinxian County special school at the end of May, 2009. All the remaining 12000 yuan is used as the student aid fund for poor students in our school.
(4) Innovate the mode of moral education and carry out moral education activities with school characteristics. On the "May 4th" Youth Day every year, the Moral Education Department of the political and educational supervision office and the Youth League Committee of our school hold the "18-year-old adult ceremony and League oath ceremony". The whole school's teachers and students participated. Adult students and new league members took solemn oaths under the national flag and the league flag respectively, and made oaths with youth and passion to ignite lofty ideals. In December every year, our school holds an experience exchange speech competition of "caring for students, building virtue and cultivating people". Through the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals, we found, summarized, exchanged and promoted the typical figures and successful experiences of teaching, management and service education in our school, so that excellent management talents stand out, and the touching deeds of caring for students are widely publicized. Teachers and students have a sense of gratitude, which further promoted the sound and rapid development of our school's education.
3. Enrich campus culture
Practice has proved that the healthy, civilized and positive campus cultural environment provides a very superior atmosphere guarantee for the smooth development of school moral education, and promotes the gradual formation of a good school spirit and discipline. The physical environment of campus is the "hardware" of campus culture. Without a complete "hardware" system, campus culture cannot develop healthily. "Mountaineering means feeling full of mountains, and viewing the sea means overflowing with the sea". The natural landscape can cultivate students' sentiment and shape their beautiful hearts. Therefore, the school attaches great importance to the construction of cultural landscapes such as the school appearance, the reasonable layout of the campus, the decoration of buildings, and the greening and beautification of the campus. Through the natural landscape, flowers and trees, celebrity statues, window displays, bulletin boards, and the posting of celebrity portraits and famous words and warnings in the classrooms and dormitories, the students can be impressed, which can play a positive role in dealing with the bad side of "desk literature" and "dormitory culture".
Our school adheres to the school running purpose of "everything for the development of children" and the education mode of "combining education and sports, jointly cultivating talents, balancing body and brain, and pursuing excellence". The school has always firmly established the educational concept of "educational innovation and teaching quality are the lifeline of school running", made clear the school running idea of "people-oriented, managing the school according to law, and building education with morality", worked hard to cultivate students' innovation and practical ability, and paid attention to students' personality development, We will continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching, gather famous teachers, run famous schools, cultivate talents, and strive to build the first brand of private education in China with a rigorous teaching style and a pragmatic learning style.
Our school attaches great importance to the creation of a good interpersonal environment, requiring all teachers and students to understand each other, be tolerant, love their jobs, love their students, and the teaching staff of the school are united and energetic. Corporal punishment and corporal punishment in disguise are strictly prohibited, and there are no criminal cases. Campus culture and school moral education are interrelated and complementary. The rich and colorful activities in campus culture enrich and develop the work of school moral education, and school moral education, which plays a guiding and soul role in campus culture, affects and transforms the campus