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It is an effective form of moral education to experience the moral education situation and feel the influence of moral education. The improvement of students' behavior habits and ideological quality must be through the occurrence and development process of "knowledge, emotion, intention and action". Social practice is the best channel for the development and education of students' discrimination ability, willpower and psychological quality. Students' ideology and morality are neither innate nor formed by themselves. It is formed and developed under the influence of social living conditions, especially under the influence of school education, and in their personal practical activities.
For a long time, the education of our school has placed an important position in the education of students' values, outlook on life, patriotism, love of socialism and other aspects, such as flag raising ceremony, festival celebrations, visiting the motherland, hometown and other ideological education, which has been unremitting and has achieved remarkable results. However, with the progress and development of society, the blind spots of school education have also become increasingly apparent, that is, the shortcomings of weak moral education and psychological quality education are highlighted in students. Students' conduct is out of line with their actions, knowing but not doing well, or even inconsistent in appearance, which forms a very prominent problem in children's moral education, and is an important manifestation of educational inefficiency in practice.
In education, teachers only pay attention to students' performance in school and in front of teachers, but ignore the feedback of students' quality outside school. Their one-sided example affects all students, and it is easy to form students' dual quality, which is not conducive to students' development.
The off campus performance of students has sounded the alarm for our school education and injected a new ideological and educational consciousness into modern moral education. The development of quality education requires schools to cultivate new comprehensive talents, while moral education plays a guiding and monitoring role in the development of children's comprehensive quality, and is an important part of school education. We should pay attention to the cultivation of students' moral quality, It is a new moral orientation put forward under the new economic conditions. Strengthening the effectiveness of moral education is the primary task of school work. Moral education experience in practice is an important way and method to strengthen the effectiveness of school work.
Moral education is the soul of school work. According to the actual situation of our school, we put forward the education and teaching concept of "experiencing moral education in practice and putting moral education into practice". We should be a good student in school, a good child at home and a good child in society. Here is how to infiltrate moral education in teaching practice in combination with specific practices:
1、 Promote the effect of moral education in teaching practice.
In Chinese textbooks Many chapters, either truly and vividly show the fine traditions of our nation, or enthusiastically sing the spirit of our nation, or brilliantly depict the beautiful and charming mountains and rivers of our motherland, or deeply expound the meaning of life... Therefore, in specific Chinese teaching activities, we should give full play to the advantages of Chinese textbooks, carry out moral education infiltration, and organically combine moral education with IQ, so that students can get ideological and moral edification while acquiring knowledge, Encourage young students to constantly improve their own quality in learning.
1. In Chinese teaching, we should adhere to the principle of the combination of literature and morality, so that students can get ideological and moral education more specific and image. The knowledge of each discipline reflects people's ideological views to a certain extent, and thoughts form the internal attributes of discipline knowledge. They integrate with each other, penetrate into each other, and are separated from teaching materials. Light morality and moral education are empty sermons; On the contrary, without moral education, intellectual education is also pale. Therefore, in specific teaching activities, in order to better implement teaching and teaching objectives, the combination of moral education and literature and Taoism is necessary. For the discipline of literature with rich and vivid moral education textbooks, this is the key. Chinese teachers can introduce the writing background, guide reading, guide students to appreciate, summarize and so on, so that students can understand the text content, master certain writing skills at the same time, It can obtain the teaching effect of ideological education more concretely and vividly. For example, learning the editor in chief of youth enables students to realize the unyielding, upward and eternal life, and then stimulate themselves to be positive and willing to help others. The meaning of life should enable students to feel the revolutionism, internationalism and patriotism of soldiers, and deeply understand that today's happy life is not easy to come by. In this way, students not only master certain Chinese learning skills in Chinese learning, but also gradually establish a correct world outlook and outlook on life under subtle influence.
2. In Chinese teaching, we should pay attention to stimulating and cultivating students' sincere emotion, so as to make it a positive driving force. In the process of moral education, moving with emotion is not only the continuation of small reason, but also the basis of persistent guidance and action. Therefore, making the educatee obtain sincere emotion is still the key to the success of education and the guarantee to improve the penetration effect of moral education.
In the field of Chinese, teachers can stimulate and cultivate students' sincere feelings through emotional teaching and ingenious teaching methods, so that students can more deeply feel the truth, goodness and beauty contained in the article, so as to make full use of the emotional factors of teaching materials, actively carry out emotional education for students, stimulate and cultivate students' sincere feelings of loving the motherland, nature and life, So that students not only master certain Chinese knowledge and skills, but also get ideological and moral edification, and constantly improve their moral sentiment. For example, when learning "wish", students should experience the true feelings of the world in a chapter full of family affection, and stimulate the feelings of loving relatives and life. In a word, only by stimulating the sincere feelings in the bottom of students' hearts can students gradually get rid of low tastes, produce noble emotions, form noble moral sentiments, consciously pursue truth, goodness and beauty, establish lofty goals and strive for them.
3. Infiltrate moral education into various forms of Chinese activities
Carrying out various forms of Chinese activities to supplement Chinese classroom teaching is another way for students to enhance their quality. In teaching, we can use our spare time to organize students to carry out various language activities, such as poetry recitation competition, idiom story competition, collection of briefings, hand copying, holding seminars, lectures, etc. These activities enrich students' Chinese knowledge and skills Improve the quality of students, which makes students get ideological edification and stimulate their positive emotions. For example, the competition of Chinese activities can not only stimulate and cultivate students' awareness of competition, but also make students feel the importance of collective cooperation. Reading classical poetry and telling idioms and stories enable students to master the skills of reading and speaking, and enable students to feel the refined image of the motherland's language and characters, and the long history of the motherland's splendid culture, so as to stimulate their patriotic feelings.
2、 Promote moral development with campus culture.
A green, beautified and purified campus has a subtle impact on the cultivation of students' morality. Suhomlinsky said: let every wall of the school speak. Our school pays attention to the development and utilization of the campus environment, so that students can feel the edification of campus culture in playing, walking and learning. When students enter the campus lawn, the prompt board will remind students: grass also has life, so please take care of it. When students are noisy and running in the building, the word "quiet" on the wall will tell students: don't just want to be happy, but always think of the pain of others. The great figures on the wall watch the students' every move, constantly remind the students to desecrate books for the rise of China, and stimulate the students' enthusiasm for learning. 1. The ancient poem "a kind mother with a thread in her hand, swam her coat" permeates the moral education of students to respect their parents and filial piety to their elders. Entering the third floor, Uncle Lei Feng's portrait and earnest words are like a trickle, moistening the students' hearts. Entering the fourth floor, there is a beautiful picture with no juice. Stimulate students' love for life and their pursuit and yearning for the beautiful environment of nature. Vigorous calligraphy works and exquisite art works bring students into the world of beauty, let students experience beautiful emotions and cultivate beautiful sentiments. The famous sayings and aphorisms designed by each class, the class style and the establishment of class training always encourage students to work hard to become a new era talent with noble morality, diligent learning, unity and cooperation, willing to think and all-round development.
3、 Strengthen civic education. Improve cognitive level.
The fundamental purpose of school education is to be a qualified social citizen. Cultivating students' civic awareness and Improving Civic quality are the main tasks of school education. How to pay attention to the cultivation of modern civic awareness?
1. Pay attention to habit cultivation. Our school has been open to students since they entered school
Pay attention to the cultivation of students' behavior habits, and from the long-term development of students, pay attention to horizontal evaluation, that is, the comprehensive supervision and standardized evaluation of schools, families and society. Every good thing that students do in school, family and society, every affirmation and praise they receive, are recognized and praised in the joint mechanism of the evaluation system. Improve students' recognition and knowledge objectively. So as to improve step by step. Make the students' behavior continue to spiral up in a circular manner. The evaluation is based on the moral requirements such as the code of conduct for primary school students, which closely connects the evaluation with social life and family education, and plays a positive role in promoting the formation of students' good behavior habits and improving students' national awareness, democratic awareness, legal awareness, discipline awareness, moral awareness, environmental awareness, etc. Since the implementation of this evaluation and supervision for a period of time, remarkable results have been achieved.
2. Promote the improvement of students' moral awareness in social practice. During the social practice activities during the holiday, organize students to visit the welfare home, visit the army, clean up small advertisements with the urban management team on the street, tidy up street sanitation, remove weeds and other activities, so that students can enter the community and society, experience the true meaning of the language "I am for everyone, people are for me", truly feel the joy of helping people, and form a good sense of social civic morality. Let students accept the moral baptism of real life, and organically combine education with modern culture and social life. Guide students to improve their choice ability in society and enhance their immunity. Cultivate the ability of value integration. In the activities of cultivating students' civic awareness, all classes in our school carry out various forms of social practice, find and tap educational resources from social life, and study the ways and methods of education, so that students can learn to adapt, judge and distinguish. Recognize in practice, practice in cognition, and constantly promote the self-education and development of students' moral consciousness.
Moral education for students is a long-term work of the school, which can not be achieved overnight. It needs to be constantly explored and studied in practice. Only by constantly excavating moral education factors in practice and constantly infiltrating the influence of moral education in various teaching activities. Only by implementing the moral education program step by step, can we further promote the development of moral education, let students get a positive experience of moral education, and enhance the effectiveness of moral education.