College Entrance Examination Chinese Commonly Tested Four-character Words

Be a car: walk calmly, just like taking a car.

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Learning methods

1. Be a car: walk calmly, just like taking a car.

2. Achieving relocation: Nostalgic for the homeland and reluctance to relocate easily.

3. Baiyun Canggou: A metaphor for the fickleness of the world.

4. Boredom: It refers to the lack of support for thoughts and feelings in life, the emptiness of spirit, and the feeling that nothing is interesting.

5. Feng He, a violent tiger: a metaphor for bravery and reckless adventure.

6. To spur into the inside: spur: spur, excited. Inside: inside. Refers to learning to be practical. Describes a statement or article that is thorough and profound.

7. There is nothing else: there is nothing superfluous except for one body. Originally meant to live frugally. Describe poverty.

8. Don't be ashamed to ask: You can't use it for people who are smarter than yourself.

9. Unpopular: Not meeting everyone's expectations, derogatory. These two idioms are often used interchangeably.

10. Live up to expectations: Live up to everyone's expectations, praise.

11. Spread like wildfire: The news spreads quickly.

12. Unpublished arguments: irreversible remarks.

13. Unreasonable: Unable to use reason to make it clear, to describe an attitude of arrogance or ignorance.

14. Do not seek fame: Do not seek fame and status.

15. Disagree: I don't think it's right.

16. Insufficient for training: not worthy of being a norm to follow.

17. Looking sideways: looking at people sideways. To describe hatred or fear and resentment.

18. Unsatisfactory: Barely satisfying.

19. Chaoqin and Muchu: The metaphor is capricious, and it is also described as wandering.

20. Speechless: It is impolite to speak.

21. Rough branches and large leaves: This description is brief or general, and later it is described as sloppy and meticulous.

22. Big but no worthy: when: the bottom. Too big to have no boundaries means too big to be useful.

23. Celebrating with the crown: Refers to the fact that one person in the official circle becomes an official or is promoted, and his accomplices will celebrate each other that there will be an official to serve. derogatory term.

24. Do your part: when: meet. Do what you need to do, don't let it go.

25. Taoist appearance: Taoist appearance: a solemn appearance. An Ran: Proud look. The multi-fingered person pretended to be serious.

26. Entering the room: metaphorical knowledge or skills from shallow to deep, step by step, and gradually achieve high achievements.

27. Wait and go down: from this level down one by one. Refers to something worse than something.

28. Take it lightly: treat it as usual.

29. Displacement: Describes the hardships and setbacks in life, being displaced, and having nowhere to live.

30. Worship: The figurative worship is at its extreme.

31. Ears and Faces: Describe the elders who teach enthusiastically and earnestly.

32. The crime of improper punishment: The punishment is not equal to the crime, and mostly refers to the punishment is too heavy.

33. Clouds and rains: capricious or accustomed to playing tricks.

34. Analysis in sections: Describe the orderly and detailed classification or analysis.

35. Competing in Court: Originally, it means that the guests and the host stand on both sides of the courtyard and meet each other with equal etiquette. Later, it is used as a metaphor for opposing each other and having equal status.

36. Burning the ointment and following the sundial: lighting the lamp and continuing the day (doing things). Describes diligent work or study day and night. Ointment: grease. Burning ointment: pointing to the oil lamp.

37. Appearance with powder and ink: Make up with powder and ink, and perform on stage. It is also a metaphor for bad guys disguising themselves on the political stage.

38. The meeting of the wind and clouds: a metaphor for the meeting between the ruler and the minister. It also refers to a good opportunity to display one's talents.

39. Talk about Xiang Si when you meet people: When you meet people, you praise Xiang Si's talent. A metaphor for being zealous to make a name for someone or to praise the benefits of something.

40. Phoenix Yufei: Refers to the two sides of the phoenix and the phoenix. Used to describe the love of a husband and wife.

41. Abdominal slander: resentment in the heart, resentment in the heart. slander, slander: slander, speak ill of others.

42. Makeover: metaphors only change the form, not the content.

43. Change of rhythm and change: It is a metaphor for reforming the system or changing the method, and it can also be written as "change one's way".

44. Empathy: The feeling of gratitude is the same as feeling it in person. It is mostly used to express gratitude on behalf of others. Body: personally.

45. Gangju Muzhang: When the main rope of the fishing net is lifted, all the meshes are opened. The metaphor grasps the essentials of things, and can drive the whole. It also means the article is coherent.

46. ​​Walking in the mountains and mountains: a metaphor for behavior that is upright and bright. It refers to lofty virtues worthy of imitation.

47. High Building: Described as condescending and unstoppable. It is also a metaphor for grasping things at a high level and being able to control them very easily.

48. Each gets his own place: Originally, it means that each person can do what he wants, but later it also means that everyone or everything can be properly arranged.

49. Fame and reputation: Deliberately do something that attracts praise to gain reputation.

50. High-sounding: describe the appearance of solemnity and integrity on the surface.

51. Tube peeping and measuring: looking at the sky from a bamboo tube, and measuring the water with a scoop. The metaphor is short-sighted and one-sided and narrow-minded.

52. Looking at the leopard in the tube: Looking at the leopard from the bamboo tube is a metaphor for incomplete observation or understanding. It also means that the whole picture can be inferred from the observed part.

53. Bizarre: describe the sight of strange, complex colors.

54. Superb craftsmanship: exquisite skills in architecture and sculpture. Often misused to describe natural scenery.

55. Passing the eye: It is a metaphor for things outside the body, which can be ignored.

56. Sweaty cows: When carrying books, cows sweat so much that they fill up the whole room when they are stored. Describe a lot of books.

57. Gorgeous: Good-looking in appearance, empty in content.

58. Grandstanding: Catering to everyone with words and deeds to win praise and support from everyone.

59. Huanran Bingshi: Describes the elimination of doubts and misunderstandings.

60. The ileum is swaying: swaying: shaking. Make the liver and intestines revolve, and the heart qi is stirred. Describe the music, words are very tactful and moving.

61. Back to the light and back to the light: It is a metaphor for the sudden excitement of a person’s spirit before death, and it is also a metaphor for the temporary improvement of the surface before the death of things.

62. Keep a secret: the matter is serious and it is very carefully concealed.

63. Chaos Chaos: The appearance of confusion, blurred and indistinct.

64. Suddenly enlightened: suddenly feel open and accessible, describing a certain truth all at once.

65. To get chestnuts out of the fire: a metaphor for taking a risk to help others, but suffering for nothing but getting nothing.

66. Jiguang Kataha: A metaphor for the remaining precious cultural relics. Jiguang: the name of the beast in ancient mythology; Katana: a piece of hair.

67. Ji Qu and Ya: Refers to the article that does not read smoothly. Ji flexion: twists and turns; fang fang: not smooth.

68. Jiaozhu Guse: A metaphor for thinking, doing things, etc., stubborn and rigid, not knowing how to adapt.

69. Pretentiousness: Pretentious, deliberately pretentious, very unnatural.

70. Perfection: Describes the perfection of things.

71. Frightened bird: It is a metaphor for people who have been frightened when they encounter a little movement and are afraid.

72. Respect and thank you for not being sensitive: thank you, refuse; not sensitive, incompetent. A euphemism expressing refusal to do something.

73. Cases and eyebrows: describe the mutual respect and love between husband and wife.

74. Empty, like nothing: It means nothing is empty.

75. Groundless: The metaphor of news or legend is not completely without reason. It is also a metaphor for rumors to spread by chance.

76. Laoyan Feifei: A metaphor for parting. (mostly for couples)

77. Old-fashioned: Describes a person who has no vigor or old-fashioned qualifications, and thinks he can't afford it.

78. Power through the back of the paper: Describes calligraphy as strong and powerful, and the stroke of the pen almost penetrates the back of the paper. It also describes the poetry and prose with profound meaning and concise words.

79. Good and bad: There are good and bad in a group of people, focusing on quality. Not used for levels, grades, etc.

80. Incisively and vividly: Describes things that are done very smoothly or that articles and speeches are fully and thoroughly expressed, and also refers to very thorough exposure.

81. Shrouded in horse leather: wrapping the body in horse skin to describe the fearless spirit of heroically killing the enemy and dying on the battlefield.

82. Beautiful: The house is tall and beautiful.

83. Looking at each other: describe everyone looking at each other out of fear or helplessness, without speaking.

84. Tomorrow's Yellow Flower: Originally refers to the chrysanthemum that gradually withers after the Double Ninth Festival. After more metaphors outdated things or news. Yellow flower: chrysanthemum.

85. Mingzhu Secret Investment: Underappreciated talents or good people go astray, generally referring to good things not being appreciated.

86. Stubborn: stubborn: stupid and stubborn. Spirit: Smart. Describe ignorance.

87. There are no cows in sight: metaphorically skilled to the point of being handy. Whole Cow: A whole cow.

88. Monkeys and crowns: monkeys wearing clothes and hats are not real people after all. The metaphor is just like a puppet. It is often used to satirize people who take refuge in evil forces and steal their positions.

89. Clay Cow Enters the Sea: Clay sculptured Cow enters the sea. The metaphor is gone forever.

90. Loosely connected: It is a metaphor to cut off the relationship on the surface, but in fact two parties or one party is still emotionally involved in the other party.

91. Throwing a brick and attracting jade: self-defeating words cannot be used for the other party or a third party.

92. Pengpishenghui: Make the poor family more glorious. It is mostly used as a courtesy word for guests to come to the house, or as a gift of calligraphy and paintings that can be hung.

93. Pillow sand and choose gold: exclude sand and choose gold. The metaphor is carefully selected to remove the rough and extract the essence, and remove the false and preserve the true.

94. Meeting by chance: Duckweed drifts with the water, gathering and dispersing indefinitely. It is a metaphor for a chance encounter between people who have never known each other.

95. Fire in July: It means that the weather gradually cools down.

96. Ingenious: Artificial ingenuity is better than natural. The art of describing is very clever. To win: to win.

97. Exploiting military force: using force at will, constantly launching wars of aggression. Described as extremely belligerent. Poor: exhausted; 绩: casual, arbitrary.

98. Qutu Relocation: Reconstruct the chimney into a curved one, and remove the firewood beside the stove. Metaphor to take measures in advance, in order to prevent disasters.

99. Condescend to look down: lower your status and bow down.

100. rushing: rushing over like ducks in a flock, a metaphor for a lot of people rushing to rush.

101. Hounds and teeth: The metaphor is a complex situation, and there are many factors on both sides that are intertwined.

102. The sun is setting: the sun is about to set. It is a metaphor for people who have grown old or things that are decaying and decaying, and are approaching death.

103. Like sitting in the spring breeze: unknowingly received the sincere teachings of elders or teachers.

104. Into the wood three points: The metaphor analysis problem is very profound.

105. Three people become tigers: There are many rumors that there are tigers, and everyone believes them.

106. Up-and-down effect: Refers to what the people above do, and the people below do what they do. contains a derogatory connotation.

107. Sacrificing oneself to seek the Dharma: Originally refers to Buddhists who sacrifice their lives to seek the Dharma. After parable truth without sacrificing one's own life.

108. Very noisy and dusty: Describes a lot of talk about rumors, and it is noisy for a while.

109. Life is ruined: Describes the people in an extremely difficult situation.

110. Swallow it alive: a metaphor for imitating bluntly, using other people's theories and experiences, etc.

111. Sensual dogs and horses: describe a way of life that seeks pleasure and pleasures, and is debauched and shameless.

112. Picking up people's teeth and wisdom: The metaphor uses other people's statements without their own ideas.

113. The initiator: It is a metaphor for the person who first does something bad.

114. Bear the brunt: The metaphor is the first to be attacked or to suffer disaster.

115. Reasonable: The original refers to the writing following the truth and forming its own rules. Later, it is often used to refer to speaking and doing things in a reasonable manner.

116. Every detail: The metaphor is done very carefully, in an orderly manner, and one by one.

117. Death is more than worthless: Describes the sin that is so great that even death can't make up for it.

118. Calm and composure: When encountering extraordinary situations, keep calm and calm.

119. Stunning: Refers to praising the things that are seen to be extremely good.

120. Ten thousand horses: The metaphor is that the situation is dull and people are silent.

121. Dangerous words and dangerous actions: Speak upright words and do upright things.

122. Unacceptable: It means that although there are shortcomings in speaking and doing things, there are still merits, which should be forgiven.

123. Weiwei Daguan: Describes the beauty and variety of things, giving people a grand impression.

124. Coincidentally: not only one, but also a pair.

125. There is no fit: fit: to, to. From: to obey, to follow. I don't know who to follow. I don't know what to do with the metaphor.

126. No one cares: no one comes to inquire about the ferry. Metaphor no one to explore to try or intervene.

127. Do everything: do nothing.

128. Omnipotence: Do anything bad. There is a world of difference from "in every possible way".

129. Renovation: Refers to clearing bad thoughts.

130. Lower Riba People: A metaphor for popular literature and art.

131. Help each other: It is a metaphor for being in the same predicament and helping each other.

132. Ecstasy: described as being attracted, stimulated, and losing control of mind and emotions.

133. Passing on all the fire: It is a metaphor that the knowledge and skills can be passed on from generation to generation through the teaching of teachers and students.

134. Letter pen graffiti: Describes poor calligraphy or random writing. Sometimes it is also used as a self-effacing word to express that one's own words or articles are not well written.

135. Solidarity: Describes the close relationship and the same interests.

136. False and greedy: Refers to pretending to be attentive and perfunctory to entertain.

137. Xuanhe for a while: Xuanhe: It looks like a great reputation. Fame and power were very prominent in a period of time.

138. Slush Claws: A metaphor for the traces left by the past.

139. Chapter-seeking excerpts: Extract the words and sentences in the article. More refers to reading, writing focuses on scrutinizing words and phrases, and does not delve into meaning.

140. Concise and concise: The description is concise and to the point.

141. Yang Tang to stop boiling: The metaphor is not thorough and cannot fundamentally solve the problem.

142. Yangyang Daguan: Describes a large number and variety, which is very impressive.

143. Splendid: Describe the length of speech and writing, and the sentences are fluent.

144. Pampering: Being in a noble position and living a prosperous life.

145. Don't bother with words: speak, concise and to the point, not cumbersome.

146. Serious: Described as very regular and solemn.

147. A group of harmony: gentle attitude, no principle.

148. A strip of water: The surface of the water is as narrow as a strip of clothing. Described as separated by water, convenient for communication.

149. Relying on others to do things well because of others can only be derogatory or self-effacing.

150. Inciting but not sending out: metaphor to be prepared and act on standby; or to pretend to be bluffing.

151. Tiny small profits: describe insignificant small profits.

152. Ease of use: It is a metaphor for doing things with ease and solving difficult problems easily and neatly.

153. All living beings: refers to a group of ordinary people.

154. Pearl in the palm: refers to the child, especially the daughter, who is very much loved by the parents.

155. Deafening and uttering: metaphors have a great influence or inspiration on people, and even people who are confused and numb will wake up.

156. Talking on paper: empty metaphor

Talking about book knowledge does not solve practical problems.

157. Hot: It is a metaphor for flamboyant arrogance and prominent power. A lot of derogatory connotations.

158. All the mouths of gold: melting metal; metaphor for the powerful influence of public opinion.

159. Pearl Round and Yurun: Round like a pearl, smooth like a jade, describing a mellow singing voice or smooth writing.

160. Boil beans and burn scorpions: It is a metaphor for brothers who cannibalize each other, and it also means that one party is persecuted by the other party.

161. It's hard to count the hair: it's hard to count the number of hairs pulled down. The crimes are too numerous to count.

162. The baht must be compared: every bit counts.

163. Sins cannot be punished: sins are so great that they cannot be paid for by death.

164. Sitting and talking: Sitting and talking about big truths. Speaking of words, but no action.